Tuesday, July 2nd 2019


A) Back squat
Find a heavy set of 8
Then do 2×8 @~90% of heavy 8
*25 minute cap
B) 3 rounds:
10 db burpee deadlifts (50/35lb)-15 toes to bar
Rest 2 minutes
Then 3 rounds:
10 db box step overs (20/18″ box) -15 burpees
*16 minute cap


24/20″ box

WOD Notes

For the next 4 weeks on back squats, we will be building up to a heavy set of 6-8 reps and then doing 2 or 3 back off sets. As you are building to a heavy set of 8 today, make sure you don’t warmup with 8’s all the way up or you will be burnt out by the time you get to the heavy weights. The Metcon today is two shorter pieces with a small rest in between. The intention is to be able to push hard on each part. Consider breaking up the toes to bar into quick short sets so you don’t lose them. 15 burpees each round will also get uncomfortable but don’t let yourself stop on them.

Metcon Class

A) 50 slamballs (50/30lb)
200m slamball run
50 slamball squat cleans
100ft slamball bearcrawl
50 slamball lunges
200m slamball run
50 slamballs
100ft slamball bear crawl
*For slamball bearcrawl, bearcrawl while pushing slamball along in front of you . For lunges, hold slamball however desired.
B) Coaches choice