Saturday, August 3rd 2019


A) Partner WOD:
100 calorie row
100 wallballs (20/14lb)
100 burpees over partner in plank
100 kb swings (50/35lb)
100 goblet squats
*30 minute time cap
*One person works at a time, except on burpees when other partner holds plank. Split up reps as desired.
5 minute break
B) I-go-you-go Db Grace:

30 db clean and jerks for time (50/35lb) or scale to (35/25lb)
*One athlete completes 30 reps, then partner completes 30 reps.
*Only db clean and jerks allowed, no double db snatches. One side of db must touch ground on outside of feet
* 10 minute time cap
*Happy Birthday Grace!!