Tuesday, August 6th 2019


A) 16 minute alternating EMOM:
1) 4-10 strict chinup
2) 5-15 kipping toes to bar
3) handstand hold/walk practice
4) rest
B) For time:
30 burpees over kb
Then 15-12-9
right arm kb snatch (53/35lb)-left arm kb snatch-kb overhead squat
Then 30 burpees over kb
*So perform 15 right arm kb snatches, then 15 left arm, then 15 overhead squats with arm of choice. Then 12-12-12, then 9-9-9, and then buy out with 30 burpees. Scale to single arm kb front rack squat if needed.

WOD Notes

Today we will start with a gymnastics EMOM practicing on building strength and technique in different movements. The emphasis is always on quality over quantity and constantly trying to improve some aspect of each movement. In the metcon, we will start with 30 burpees over the kb to jack the heart rate up. Challenge yourself to actually jump over the kb and not behind it. Then your kb technique, mobility and shoulder endurance will be tested in the middle piece. Once you finish that, your shoulders will be quite tired and you will have to buy out with 30 more burpees. Try to push the pace once you get to the last 15 burpees and finish off faster than you started.

Metcon Class

A) 3 rounds for time of:
400m slamball carry (50/40lb)
100ft slamball lunge
100 double unders
5-10 minute break
B) 12 minute EMOM:
1) max hand release pushups
2) max db front squats
3) max burpee pullups 4 ) rest