Tuesday, August 13th 2019


A) 12 minute EMOM:
1) 3-6 kipping ring MU
2) 5 tempo strict HSPU (3 seconds down, fast up)
3) rest or 30 second static hold of choice
B) 2 rounds for time of:
50 Double unders
40 alt db snatches (50/35lb)
30 box jumps (24/20″)
20 hand release pushups
10 power cleans (155/105lb)



WOD Notes

Today we start with more gymnastic skills work. Take the time to build better strength, form and technique on these movements. In the second part, we are doing a two round chipper. The first few movements are simple movements that will get the heart rate up. At the end of each round, when your heart rate is up, we will put your strength to the test with some pushups followed by heavier power cleans.

Metcon Class

2 rounds of :
750m row-50 kb swings (53/35lb)-40 kb plank passes-30 kb box step overs-20 kb hang clusters (10/side) -10 kb snatches (5/side)