Thursday, September 12th 2019


A) Clean + Front squat + split jerk. Go every 90 seconds for 8 rounds.
*Start at 65-70% 1RM and ascend in weight as form allows
B) 2019 Games workout (modified)
5 rounds of:
1 rope climb
75 DU
10 db alternating hang split snatch (50/35lb)
10 db hang clean + split jerk (5/side)
*20 minute cap
* Must use opposite arm from lead leg on split movements. ex: Right arm overhead, left leg split


1 legless rope climb, 100 DU, 80/55lb db

WOD Notes

Today we are doing a modified version of the 2019 games workout, the Split Triplet. Instead of a pegboard ascent each round, you will either do a rope climb with or without legs. The games athletes did 100 DU each round and used 80/55lb dbs but most of you will be using a much lighter db and scaling DU reps. We don’t often do a db hang split snatch or db hang clean and split jerk, so you will have to figure out your technique and rhythm for these two movements. If you are trying the Rx+ version of the workout, treat it like a 20 minute AMRAP because it will be very hard to finish 5 rounds in that time period.

Metcon Class

For time:
Run 400m w/wallball (20/14lb)
40 heavy russian kb swing (60-70lb/44-53lb)
20 pushups
Run 400m (no wallball)
40 single arm kb deadlifts (20/arm)
20 pushups
Run 400m (no wallball)
40 goblet squats
20 pushups
Run 400m w/wallball