Tuesday, October 8th 2019


2 rounds for time :
Building lap run
40 alternating db snatches (40/30lb)
building lap run
30 db thrusters
building lap run
20 db burpee deadlifts
*40 minute time cap
*Use one db for snatches and two dbs for thrusters and burpee deadlifts


50/35lb dbs

WOD Notes

Today is going to be a long, tough workout. Be ready to grind it out physically and mentally! There is a lot of hinging volume in this workout, so make sure you are keep a solid back position on the db snatches and burpee deadlifts especially as you get tired. I recommend switching hands on the db snatches in the air to keep a better back position, versus switching hands on the ground.

Metcon Class

8 x 2 minutes on 90 secs off alternating between:
A) 75 double unders then max burpees box jumps overs
B) Bike 500m then AMRAP 10 kb swings- 12 air squats