Monday, November 4th 2019


A) 10 minute EMOM:
1 below the knee hang snatch @70%+
B) Comp Train workout “Rug Mouse”
20 minute bike for max calories
*On the 0-4-8-12-16 minute mark buy in with
8 pullups- 8 burpee box jumps-14 db front rack lunges (35-40lb/25-30lb) (walking or in place)
*Modify reps of pullups to a set you can do unbroken or at most 2 quick sets
*Goal is at least 90 seconds on the bike each round
*If quads are very sore from 20.4, you can modify to 14 walking db death marches


50/35lb dbs

WOD Notes

Todays metcon will definitely be a challenging one. You are essentially working for the entire 20 minutes without any rest. Your score is the calories accumulate on the bike. However if you push too hard on the bike, you will end up doing the pullups, burpee box jumps and lunges too slow and not get enough time on the following bike interval. So the goal is to move as consistently as possible and find the fastest pace you can move at without red lining. If you aren’t getting at least 90 seconds on the bike in the first few rounds, scale down the reps accordingly.