Thursday, March 19th 2020


2 rounds of :
20 jumping jacks
5 reps of the following complex: inchworm out, step out to right leg hip opener lunge, step back to downward dog, step out to right leg hip opener lunge, walk back to standing
10 per arm controlled arm circles
10 bootstrapper squats*
*hands on feet, start at bottom of squat, straighten legs keeping hands on feet and then come back to bottom of squat

Bodyweight WOD

weighted squats*
tuck jumps
shoulder taps**
Then Run 400m
Then 20-15-10
weighted lunges*
burpees over backpack
Then Run 400m
Then 15-10-5
broad jump-plank to pushup
*For squats and lunges fill up a back pack with stuff to make it heavy.
** Do shoulder taps either in a wall facing handstand or with feet elevated on a couch.
For 400m run estimate about 1:40-2:00 minutes of running.
For plank to pushup, start in elbow plank and place one hand directly where your elbow was to come up to plank on hands, alternate leading hand each rep.

Minimal Equipment WOD

3 rounds for total time
Rest 3 minutes after every round
30 alt. db snatches
20 single arm OH db lunges (10/arm)
10 hand release pushups
20 10m shuttle runs
30 jumping air squats

Accessory Work

3-4 rounds of:
8/side db/kb suitcase deadlifts controlled tempo
8/side tempo db/kb Z presses*
16 db/kb plank pass throughs
*For Z presses sit in an L-sit position, tempo is press up-1 sec pause at top-3 second descent
No equipment
3 rounds of:
10 glute bridges w/pause at top
10 (5/side) tempo cossack squats*
30 second hollow hold
*Cossack squat is also sometimes called a side lunge. Assume wide stance and sit all the way to one side, keeping that heel on the ground and the other leg straight. Tempo is 3 second descent