Friday, March 27th 2020

*See video on SFCF members page for explanation of rotational mountain climbers, db hang clean + split jerk, and side plank raises and rotations.

Minimal Equipment Workout
Monday – Saturday at 8am

Bodyweight Workout
Monday – Saturday at 10am

3 rounds of
10 controlled presses in wallsit position*
10 alternating long lunges with arms interlocked overhead
20 second high knees
5/side active pigeon stretch
*Sit in a wallsit. Put shoulder, elbows and back of hands against the wall at at a 90 degree angle; press up and down in a controlled manner keeping contact with the wall

Bodyweight WOD

Jumping lunges
Weighted backpack/odd object bent over rows
10m shuttle runs

Minimal Equipment WOD

20 minute AMRAP:
16 air squats
32 double unders *Or sub 32 lateral hops over line
16 alternating single db hang clean + split jerks
32 rotational mountain climbers
*if using a kb sub 8/side kb hang clean and jerk

Accessory Work

3 rounds of:
10 side plank hip raises + 10 side plank rotations/side
6-8/side step downs (weighted or unweighted)*
8-10 weighted kang squats
*Can sub controlled tempo single leg squat to a couch for step downs