Monday, May 18th 2020


50 jumping jacks
10 cuban press
10 leg swings/side
10 alternating step out to perfect stretch
10 plank to pushups
10 squat jacks
50 jumping jacks

Minimal Equipment WOD @ 8am

Bodyweight WOD @ 10am

Minimal Equipment WOD

A) 10 minute AMRAP:
10 weighted step ups
10 hand release pushups
10 down up tucks jumps

B) 3 rounds for quality of:
Per side: 20 second side plank into 20 second side plank leg raises
6/side goblet cossack squats
(tempo 3 seconds down, 1 sec pause at bottom)
12 lat pullovers

Bodyweight WOD

A) 3 rounds for time of:
40 lateral hops over backpack/object
30 prisoner kang squats
20 backpack/object push press
10 double pushup burpees

*Prisoner means hands interlocked behind head

B) 3 sets of:
45-60 second wallsit w/arms locked out overhead
15 glute bridge thrusts w/one sec pause at top of each rep
(shoulders on elevated surface)
5 pistols per leg (3 seconds down-3 seconds up)