Wednesday, June 24th 2020

Outdoor WOD

30 minute alt. EMOM:
1) hang snatch (at the knee) + snatch + overhead squat
*Reset after hang snatch, no touch and go
2) 5 box HSPU + 10-15 lateral hops over bar
*Each minute you should get 30+ seconds of rest. Don’t rush through the snatch complex and choose a light to medium weight you can do for 15 rounds.
*Use a higher box to make box HSPU harder and a lower box to make them easier. If you can’t do a proper box HSPU modify to 5 strict pushups.

Home WOD

30 min alt. EMOM:
1) 4-5 db power clean + 4-5 db front squat + 4-5 db split jerk
2) 5 box HSPU +15-20 lateral hops over db
*Use one arm for one full round. Next round, do the full complex on the other arm

Functional Bodybuilding Zoom Class

2 Rounds
5/Side SA Reverse Plank Bridges
10/side Folding Shin Box
10/side Plank Rotations

A1) Suit Case Cyclist Squat: 10-14 Reps
A2) Split Pendulum Lifts: 6-8/side; Rest 90sec x 3 Sets

B1) Bent-Over Row to Forward Press: 10-12 Reps
B2) Goblet Folding Shin Box: 8-10 Reps/side; Rest 90sec x 3 Sets

C) 3 Sets for Quality Finisher
20 Pendulum Swings
10 Resting Beast to Push-up
10 Weighted Toe Touches