Thursday, September 3rd 2020

Outdoor WOD

A) For quality complete:
weighted bulgarian split squats (total reps, not per side)
banded russian kb swings (53/35lb with medium or skinny band)
After each round do a 30 second goblet wall sit.
*Use a 20/18″ box for bulgarian split squats. For the weight you can use the kb, one db or both dbs.
Then complete 4 sets of
4 box HSPU
8 db hammer curl to push press (35-50lb/25-35lb)
8-10 strict pushups
*To make box HSPU easier, put knees on box instead of feet. To modify pushups, place hands on box instead of ground
Then complete 20-15-10
Right side plank leg lifts
Right side plank hip raises
Left side plank leg lifts
Left side plank hip raises
Elbow plank double knee taps
*30 minute time cap

B) For time:
50 lateral burpees over db
*4 minute time cap
Rx+: Aim for sub 2:30

B) Functional Bodybuilding Zoom Class

2 Sets
8 Prisoner Kang Squats
10 Cossack Squats (Total)
12 Prone Snow Angels

A1) Kang Squat: 10-12 Reps
A2) SL Glute Bridge; 10-12 Reps/Leg; Rest 90sec x 3 sets

B1) Press + Split Squat: 6-8Reps/side
B2) Torso Row: 10-12/side
B3) Kneeling Halos: 10/side; Rest 90sec x 3 sets

C) 3 Sets For Max Pump:
8-10/side Half-Kneeling Curls
Wall Sit w/pulse: 30-40sec
30 Plank Army Crawlers