Sunday September 6th

Functional Body Building – Online and Onsite


2 Rounds

10 Alt. Beast to Leg-Thru

10 Alt Push-up to DB/KB Tap

5 Sumo Good Mornings + 5 Curtsy Squats L + 5 Curtsy Squats R

A1) DB Split Stance Thor Press: 8-10 Reps/arm

A2) KB Cross-body Split RDL: 8-10 Reps/side; Rest 90sec x 3 Sets

B1) DB Upright Row: 10-12 Reps/side

B2) DB Single Arm Glute Bridge Bench Press: 10-12 Reps/side 

B3) KB Split Rotational Raises: 10-12/side; Rest 90sec x 3 sets

C) 3 Sets for Quality

6-8 Goblet Squat Curls-to-Tricep Extension

10-12 Alt. Kneeling Halos

20 Weighted Russian Twists