Wednesday, September 9th 2020

Outdoor WOD

A) 5×5 front squat w/2 sec pause @ bottom of each rep
*Ascend in weight each set as form allows. Superset with 4 broad jumps for max distance

B) For time:
hang squat clean
push jerk
Rx(135/95lb) Rx+: (155/105lb)

Rest 3 minutes

Then 9-6-3
hang power clean
push jerk
Rx(155/105lb) Rx+ (185/135lb)

*Add weight during rest period
*15 minute time cap
*Weight should be medium heavy in the first metcon and a challenging weight for the second metcon on the cleans and jerks but doable with good technique.

Home WOD

A) 5 sets of:
4-5 shrimp squats per side + 5 pause goblet squats
(3 second pause at bottom of each rep)
Superset with 3 broad jumps for distance

B) 10 rounds for time of:
12 single arm db dls
9 single arm db hang cleans
6 single arm push jerks
*Use same arm for 1 full round. Switch arms on the next round. So you will do 5 rounds on the left and 5 rounds on the right.
** On Rounds 1 through 5, do hang squat cleans. On rounds 6-10 do hang power cleans