SFCF Seeks Part Time Receptionist!

1531665_10153776647590092_197674894_oInterested in joining our amazing team? We are looking for a receptionist. Here are the details:

San Francisco CrossFit Part Time Receptionist: AM / PM

Compensation: $12.25/hour + SFCF membership (with 3+ shifts per week)


We are looking for someone to work 3:45pm – 7:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday!

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

- Being on time, we are looking for someone very punctual

- Being reliable, receptionist is expected to be at the gym everyday of their shift on a regular basis

-  Checking in clients as they arrive

- Greeting people in a friendly and professional manner

- Introducing SFCF to visitors

- Helping people fill out waivers on an electronic system or manually

- Helping people and making sure everyone in class is signed in

- Being knowledgeable about the schedule, our programs, and our coaches

- Cleaning up around the gym before and after a shift

- Helping out coaches as needed

- Cleaning up the kitchen before and after a shift

- Taking care of trash, recycling, and compost

- Maintaining retail area, making sure it looks organized

- Selling T shirts, etc.

- Knowing and understanding MindBody Online

To Apply

- A cover letter addressed to Lara Buelow @ San Francisco CrossFit addressing why you would like the position, why you are a good fit for SFCF, and what your favorite joke is and why.

- Resume

- Include your availability, which days/hours you can work

- Applications due by Friday, April 3rd, 2015

- Email all material to