Diane Fu

What year did you start CrossFitting?


Why did you get into fitness (and CrossFit)?

I started in fitness at the age of 15 being curious of how someone can build up their body. This curiosity lead me to start learning and researching all the exercises and methods of approach to training. Take that forward to 9 years later discovering CrossFit while watching my friend Adrian Bozman do kipping pull-ups at our gym and the rest is CrossFit history.

Why did you become a trainer?

I’ve been a trainer since 1998 working in the commercial world. I enjoyed fitness and wanted a way to share what I was passionate about with others. I soon found that my specialty was being able to work with people one on one to strategize their movement and programming helping them reach their fitness goals.

What’s your favorite CrossFit movement?

Snatch. Around the same time I found CrossFit, I learned about Olympic-style weightlifting. Like anything else I take an interest to, I dived full in on learning about the sport. This discovery lead me to have many great conversations with coaches and athletes around the world. Now through the vessel of FuBarbell Club, I get to share my knowledge with athletes both locally and globally.

What is your favorite cheat food?

Honey Dijon Kettle Brand Potato Chips.

What’s your favorite Superhero and why?

Dr. Strange. He fought an enemy in his ASTRAL body! Enough said.