Tonya White

Tonya’s fun-loving attitude and fantastic sense of humor make her a natural teacher of both children and adults. As a coach, she is warm, consistent, and goal-oriented. She has the keen ability to identify the potential in her students and athletes, and strives to inspire them to achieve it.

While coaching gymnastics for the past 9 years has been amazingly satisfying for Tonya, in 2009 she sought out a new challenge. Tonya pursued a position teaching children with emotional disturbance at an elementary school in San Francisco. Tonya developed an immediate affinity for these students and became extremely interested in helping them to achieve healthy and happy lives. This population of students presented Tonya with a new set of challenges- understanding of a variety of learning styles and a great deal of structure, patience, and personal attention. Tonya has been extremely successful in catering to her students’ needs, as she teaches them both academics and physical education. Last year, she began using CrossFit to train them for the San Francisco Unified School District’s Special Olympics, with fantastic results. As a coach, Tonya emphasizes strength and conditioning in addition to team-work, leadership, and self-discipline. Tonya has been able to help the students to improve their fitness levels while having fun and discovering confidence in themselves.

Tonya came to CrossFit after a lifelong interest in movement. Growing up in Fresno, Tonya trained and competed in gymnastics as a child. Tonya then attended San Francisco State University, where she earned a B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education. Thus CrossFit was a natural attraction. Tonya has earned both her Level 1 CrossFit certification and CrossFit Kids certification, and believes strongly in the importance of the development of physical strength and human movement. Always interested in discussing health and fitness, Tonya is an excellent coach who cares deeply about people and works hard to help those around her to improve their lives, as long as it doesn’t involve divulging her winning backgammon strategy.

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