Courtney Walker

Courtney comes to San Francisco Crossfit with an extensive background in gymnastics, a sport she competed in from the time she learned to walk until college. Courtney’s years of dedication paid off with an athletic scholarship to UCLA, where she went on to win the Pac 10 championship and a team NCAA championship.

After retiring from the sport she had dedicated her early life to, Courtney struggled for a few years to find something to challenge her both mentally and physically the way gymnastics had, until she discovered crossfit. It quickly became clear that San Francisco Crossfit was the place for her, and not just because it was somewhere that she could do spontaneous handstands without people looking at her funny. More importantly, crossfit allowed her to challenge her movement abilities and competitive drive, while also improving her health and self confidence.

Courtney has 8 years of experience coaching all types of people, from children learning how to walk across a balance beam, to athletes on the path to becoming professionals. As a former gymnast she brings a well-ingrained understanding and awareness of body mechanics, which makes her a natural at coaching not only gymnastics movements but all elements of crossfit. She is a valuable resource for crossfitters that specifically want to improve their gymnastics skills, but also has much to offer those looking to boost their general fitness. More broadly, Courtney wants to help all individuals realize their potential to move better and feel better doing so.

Currently, Courtney is training to be a competitive crossfit athlete with a goal of one day competing in the Crossfit Games. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her dogs, reading, trying out new restaurants, and eating cookies!

Level 1 Crossfit Traininer
Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting
Crossfit Strongman Course
Naka Freestyle Seminar
USA Gymnastics Instructor

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